Deathwing Painting Tutorial

Well a long time a go I promised a tutorial on how I paint my Deathwing armour.
Here it is!

Paints Needed

  • Iyanden DarkSun
  • Desert Yellow
  • Bleached Bone
  • Skull White
  • Badab Black wash

The Tutorial

  • Start by under coating the model with Black Primer.
  • Once this is dry paint the modelwithe Iyanden Darksun Foundation paint
  • Give the model a good wash with Badab Black.

  • Leave this to dry fully.
  • Once dry give the model a coat of Desert Yellow, leaving some of the previous scheme showing in the recesses.
  • I tend to leave the inside of the legs in the current colour, mainly because I’m lazy but also adds some depth to the model

  • Next you’ll want to mix up a 2:1 part mix of Desert Yellow and Bleached Bone.
  • Apply this like before, leaving some of the previous layer showing

  • Now you’ll want to apply the bleached bone, do this in a line (or streaky) pattern, generally keeping all the lines vertical as if the model had his arms by his side.

  • The final highlight is a 1:1 mix of Bleached bone and skull white applied as above but only on the “outside” of the model, where light would hit the model.

  • nihilio

    Nice tutorial. I often go with a bestial brown basecoat but this works too

  • nurglephill

    sweet tut tim thanks….i may nick it and use it on my charater/HQ models…..thanks 🙂