Deathwing: Stabby Stabby!

Adding more members to the Banner Squad for the Deathwing Commission.
I’m just waiting for the GW package to arrive so I can finish this squad fully, in total they’ll be six members (so they “specials” can be swapped around), a Banner Bearer, Sergeant, Apothecary, 2 Lightning Claws and a Heavy Flamer with a Chainfist. With the help of the Deathwing banner this squad is a real monster in Close Combat, the banner giving everyone +1 attack (5 LC attacks on the charge from a single terminator!), then if you attach a Chaplain to them you get to re-roll all the misses! Nasty!
So here are the latest models added to the unit:

And a Group shot of the unit on my display base:

Despite the snow I’m hoping to under-coat the two Dreadnoughts today..

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  • nurglephill

    AWE. SOME.

  • Jeff

    Like it, the whole squad looks especially good grouped together, can't wait for paint!


    As a deathwing collector I can appreciate these miniatures somewhat, fingers crossed you don't mess up the paintwork!