Deathwing vs Wolf Wing (Space Wolves)

Ron has just beaten to me on this topic, but I thought I’d post it up anyway!
Firstly Here’s Rons version for a more detailed comparison.

Now for me!


Belial Vs Logan

Rules wise, Logan is far superior. His only let down is his cost, at 275 points he’s just over double Belials cost (130), so for the extra 145 points I could get a dreadnought or another character. Belial is perfect for the Deathwing really, he’s cheap bog standard HQ qhich allows you to take Terminators as troops, and that’s the only reason you’d take him. Logan has some nifty special rules which would help out any Space Wolf army and his allowing Wolf Guard to be taken as troops is just a bonus.
I like Logan, even for the high points cost he is still an awesome character, able to take a lot of damage without falling. I’ve seen my Belial drop to powerfists more than I’d like because he doesn’t have the Eternal Warrior rule (whereas Logan does).
So I could have two HQ units for the price of Logan, it’s a hard choice to see which would be better, more of who has the best luck. Logan certainly has the stats worth of 2 characters that’s for sure, a whopping 5 attacks as standard, 7 if he charges and uses his special +1 attack rule, speaking of which is a very nice rule, the Deathwing have their Banner which gives a similar rule, but only reaches within squad, however it works ALL the game whereas Logans rule is only one players turn, the range only really being of use if you have a lot of models nearby.

Other HQ’s

SW’s have access to some nice HQ choices, at 1500 it’d be very difficult to squeeze them in though. Njal is very cool, causing all kinds of mayhem, as is Arjak (hammer guy), though not strictly a HQ still a character. Of course then you can have Wolf Lords and Battle Leaders.


The main option here are Dreadnoughts.
SW dreads are pretty similar to Deathwing Dreads, except their Venerable dreads are more expensive but have a better WS and BS, they also have options to choose a few more weapons than the Deathwing Dreads. The main difference is that they’re a few points cheaper, a basic DW dreadnought costs 125, a basic SW dreadnought costs 105. Throughout all the weapon options they usually end up being 10 points cheaper.


Deathwing can deepstrike, that’s their strong point. Wolf Guard can’t unless they buy a drop pod but then they’re limited to 5 models (4 if you want a character!). Wolf guard have access to more and updated weapons, meaning they can benefit from 3+ stormshields and Heavy 2 Cyclones, at a price of course. Deathwing start at a basic price and can swap their weapons around, Wolf Guard start off cheap but become expensive very quickly when you want to make them harder, plus you need that 5th model to get a heavy weapon meaning you can’t get your termies and a character into a drop pod, so the only other option left is a Land Raider.
Rules wise Wolf Guard excel I think, they have the wider variety of weapons and the Counter Attack rule, boy if my Deathwing had Counter Attack my opponent would know about it!


Land Raiders. Lots of Landraiders!
SW’s have the choice of the Redeemer, with the transport capacity of 12 it’s good for carrying 5 termies and a character, it lacks the range of the other tanks but if you’re going to be in the enemies face it doesn’t really matter.
Crusader and Godhammer are unchanged, the only exception to all the Landraiders is the difference in the machine Spirit, SW’s have the better BS of 4 and the ability to shoot at a different target, the only thing they lost was the ability to move forwards, something which the DW have which I see as being important because unless you want to shell out for Extra Armour you could very well be stuck still for a turn! Which is bad when you need to get your cargo to the enemy lines.

That pretty much sums up the “Wolfwing” units which are parallel to the Deathwing. Both lists can be aggressive and played well, it’s pretty much what you prefer really!

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    I'm more looking forward to either Blood-Wing or Templar-Wing as I think the colour scheme suits me better. Thanks for the tips though, I probably will end up doing whatever I want anyway 😀

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    Actually I don't even care that space wolves can do an all terminator army but let me dedicate a bunch of posts to defending why my breed of toy soldiers is better than thiers all the same