Dice: The Latest Addition to the Family!

Since I’m starting up my Ork Boar-biker army, I will soon need suitable dice to join the rest
I was happily browsing through The Waaaagh Forums when I came across THIS thread.
They’re some custom dice that are been produced by Q-workshop and for sale on the Conquest Miniatures site.

THe Dice themselves aren’t that expensive, but the shipping to Uk was! In total I got 20 dice, and once shipping was added came to around £20-£25 I think, Can’t remember exactly.

Anyway, here is a prototype picture, they’re engraved and then filled with colour and look fantastic!

I think Gork (Or Mork..) will be very happy with this purchase!

  • http://tentakel.wordpress.com/ Eversor

    Now that is so many levels of awesome. I'll order a set immediately!

  • mart007

    Very awesome… tho as a dice Connoisseur, I think they are a little too square… im a big fan of a more rounded edge. I'll no doubt want some when I see them though… thanks a bunch!

  • nurglephill

    Best set of dice yet 🙂