DOUBLES: Empire Teutogen Guard Painted

Now that the distraction of the Three Tau Riptides is done, I’ve gone back to the Empire. I’m currently working on the Crossbows but managed to snap a few photos of the finished Teutogen Guard unit.
The models have some lovely detail, shame there aren’t many varieties but as they’re an OOP can’t change that!
 photo teutogen-guard012.jpg

They’re painted in the Marienburg scheme similar to the rest of the army, to match the Manaans Blades unit (below).
 photo teutogen-guard017.jpg
Normally the cloth is in the bright colours but as the Teutogen Guard are all armour I had to find suitable panels to paint up without them looking weird.

 photo teutogen-guard.jpg
 photo teutogen-guard014.jpg
 photo teutogen-guard016.jpg
This unit is really heavy! I’d forgotten how heavy metal models were, especially ranked up!

  • Segmentum Obscurus

    Have you used your Games & Gears brushes yet? How have you found them, any problems so far?

  • Dezartfox

    I’ll be using them properly today so will try and write a review this evening 🙂