Eldar Commission!

Sorry for lack of updates this week! A mix between being busy/ill/tired has left little time for the blog!

So this week I’ve been jumping between drybrushing tomb kings, sorting out my room and starting this Eldar Commission!

The scheme is that of Craftword Mymeara, from the Forge World Imperial Armour book. With only owning a basic airbrush I wasn’t able to replicate the mottled marble effect they have on the larger vehicles, so I went for another scheme that’s featured in the Masterclass Vol 2 book that’s just been released. The scheme fades from blue to green, which when combined with the airbrush and the new citadel paints , mainly the glazes, works brilliantly.

The colours are Sotek Green as a base coat, followed by an overspray of Temple Guard blue. I then applied Waywatcher Green Glaze to the recesses and lower parts of the armour. Where a wash stains the armour and recesses, the glazes alter the colour, perfect for Eldar! 🙂

I’m currently working on the white sections (hence the lack of head etc!).
I hope to have them completed by next Friday 🙂

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