Exciting News, Changes and the Future!

I found it quite difficult to think of a title for this post as there’s a few things to cover..

Firstly, I have a new job! I will be starting as a Manager at my local Games Workshop store later this month! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and the for the last few months I’ve been working as a Relief Staff (covering holidays etc) which has been great, but to finally make it to running a store is fantastic achievement.

So, naturally, the new job will affect this site, I will be winding down the commission part of the site so I can concentrate on the store so the site will revert to being more about my own hobby, thoughts and experiences. Don’t expect rumours or leaks on here as that’s something I’ve never done or ever will do but you can expect more tutorials, battle reports and hobby goodness! It will very much become a personal hobby page, much like it was before I started as a full time painter.

The commission page will stay open for now until the remaining projects are complete but I won’t be taking on any projects for a good while, and then it’ll mainly be single miniatures if I even have time to do it!

I have planned a post detailing my time as a commission painter, what I’ve learnt from it and some tips for those who want to possibly do something similar! I’ve had great success running my own business and I want to share those with you. That’ll be up later this week.

So it’s a farewell from TVT Studio, but a big hello from myself as a normal hobbyist!

  • Garfy

    Congratulations Tim. I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job at Hull.

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  • http://TibbsForge.com Tibbs Forge

    Congrats, man! That’s great stuff. Keep those tutorials coming. Your neon-pigment OSL is still my inspiration for any and all OSL I do. Great stuff.

  • theresponsibleone

    Congratulations! But darnit, another person to cross off my list of commission services to use in the future. 😉

  • Messanger of Death

    Congratulations! Came over to your blog from the Bolter & Chainsword some time ago. Enjoyed your tutorials, thoughts and miniatures. Looking forward to see what happens now, especially with promises of more tutorials.

  • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

    Congrats and a change in blogging/hobby priorities is understandable. Good luck with the job.