Fantasy Doubles Armies COMPLETE!


I managed to pretty much finish off the two armies today, finally completing the Halberdiers. I’ve taken some phone-photos as they’re currently living in the stores cabinet until I take the case down before travelling on Friday!

I even had time to make a fancy army list!

  • Neil Kerr

    Looks awesome Tim, and I love the army list.

    I have one complaint/criticism though; the unpainted black rims on all the bases. Personally I find this visually jarring and it actually draws my eye away from the lovely models. I know you always aim for best painted armies and therefore I would personally suggest that you paint the rims to match the same colour as the base tops. That way when looking at units and the like there is not these jarring black outlines jumping out from the base rims.

    I know it’s picky but as someone who has judged GT armies several times this is what sometimes makes the difference between nominated and not, and winning and not.

    Otherwise good luck dude.