Fateweaver Conversion

Back when I purchased my Lord of Change, the first one I purchased had two of the same wing, so I got it replaced and was allowed to keep the old one. I also had a Lord of Change from many years ago, of which I found the wings when I was visiting home. I tried to use the heavy metal wings on the Finecast model, but it refused to balance and slowly sank.

Now, trying to improve my luck with the fickle Chaos Gods, I have converted up a new Fateweaver using parts from the miscast Lord of Change and a Cockatrice. The wings went on nicely with a bit of muscle sculpting at the joining parts, and the ankles were the same size on both models, so the foot swap was quick and painless. The flowing pieces of cloth are left over pieces from the 18 Shadow Spectres I built a few months back.

Very happy on how he turned out. Not so happy with the pictures, but once he’s painted I’ll take a 360 spin set.

  • Green Stuff Industries

    OK, that thing is feaking epic!  Well done, sir!

  • http://www.imperiusdominatus.com/ Mercer

    Really digging that, mate, very nice 🙂