Is Finecast Disappearing?

I bought a Finecast Azog model last week when purchasing my 7th ed rule book and when I unpackaged it to inspect the finecast bubbles and miscasts I was surprised to find that the model was instead made of a type of resin.

You can see from the photo that it doesn’t have the same colouring of Finecast and doesn’t have that rough texture that it usually has. It isn’t as bendy or flexible as typical finecast either, it still has some flexibility but no where near as much. Plus there are almost zero bubbles or defects!




  • Scott Bowman

    Well this is certainly good news!

  • christian

    This is finecast. the misconeption that finecast were terrible came from the fact the we release 140 model in one time (the original release) in thousand exemples. Yes sometime you get bubbles, this is normal with resin, even Forge world model have bubbles.
    And if finecast disappear it will not be good news. No finecast No Special Character! think about it!