FOR SALE: Lizardmen Army

A good friend of mine is selling his Lizardmen! They’re very well painted by our friend Duncan (he painted the Deathwing that were sold on here a while back).


The army consists of a Slaan in a unit of 20 Temple Guard, a BSB standard bearer, two units of 20 Saurus Warriors with hand weapons and shields, 2 units of 12 skinks with pipes, two units of 10 Chameleon skinks and 6 Terradon Riders.

All the models are either plastic or Finecast and come with movement trays AND also come in a KR case, which fits all the models with room at the bottom for more models! The force is 2000pts with the current book, and makes an excellent start for a collection with the new book!

As for the scheme, I will find out how they were painted by my friend Duncan so you can replicate the paint scheme, he might even be open for commissions to expand the army 😉


My friend is looking for £350 SOLD


Postage to UK is £25, shipping to anywhere else is really expensive so probably not worth it (looking at £80 for USA).


Send me an email on if you’re interested!

lizardmen- 001 lizardmen- 002 lizardmen- 003 lizardmen- 004 lizardmen- 005 lizardmen- 006 lizardmen- 007 lizardmen- 008 lizardmen- 009 lizardmen- 010 lizardmen- 011 lizardmen- 012 lizardmen- 013 lizardmen- 014