FOR SALE: Orks! Cheap!

I have an Ork army I bought and assembled, and then used like three times before realising an army with more than 20 models on the board at once isn’t for me 😉

So I’ve decided to sell them! Here is the list of what I have!

20 choppa boyz

5 rokkit launchas

2 nobz with PK’s

5 lootas

6 bikers, 3 with Klaws

18 Ard Boyz with shootas

15 grotz

2 homemade lobbas

converted big mek with FF

big mek with SAG

2 koptas

2 converted buggies with rokkits


BattleWagon with rolla and big shoota

BattleWagon with kannon, 4 big shootas

and the special character from Gorkamorka!

which, new, would come to around £330ish!

However I’m looking for £120 Shoot me an email if you’re interested!