Full Necron Army Shot


Sorry for being quiet 🙂 I’m in the process of sorting stuff out for moving, so not had much time for Hobbying..

I did however sort the Necrons out into their cases ready to be moved, and snapped a couple of photos:

  • Mark Pattison

    Nice, how many point is that? and what special rules does the foot have? 😉

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    Too many.. must be nearing 7k now.

    And I never noticed the foot!

  • http://www.imperiusdominatus.com/ Mercer

    Nice collection of plastic toy soliders 🙂 . The latest Necron stuff just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    Cheers 🙂

    I think I’m covered for whatever 6th throws at us!

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