Grey Knight Mark 1

The Grey Knight Terminators’ appearance reflects the Ordo Malleus’ unique purpose – daemon hunting. The suits are covered with ward-runes, purity seals and prayer tomes to aid the wearer in the fight against hostile spiritual entities. Personal heraldry is positively encouraged by the Chapter adding a further layer of detail to the armour. A finely crafted Imperial Aegis helm is supplied as standard to defend against psyonic assaults. In addition to their physical armour, all Grey Knights carry a copy of the Liber Daemonica. This tome sets out the Chapter’s holy battle rights including the most important facts of Daemon lore culled from the Ordo’s extensive library.

Notes & Sources:
The fist instances of Grey Knights were essentially re-tooled Mark 3a Librarians. The exact same design was used with additional surface details and texture. They all carried the halberd type Nemesis force weapon. No official colour scheme was given, but an attractive gilded version was showcased.

Release Date: 1989

Additional Images:

  • nurglephill

    Fab, and i can not wait to see you paint these guys!…all that glow!! 🙂