Grey Knight Mark 2

Over the millennia the Ordo Malleus have adapted their Terminator armour to suit their unique tasks. Hence they are now highly distinguishable from the standard Mark 3a design. The most notable feature is the mask that shrouds the helm. This is an improved Aegis with new psychic HUD technology incorporated into the left half. The ribbed design on some of the plates enables the inclusion of psycho-conductive filaments akin to those found in the Aegis. This provides further protection against psychic assaults. Careful examination also reveals that the bulk behind the shoulders has been reduced due to advances in heat-sink technology.

Notes & Sources:
These are some of the most unusual and attractive Terminator suits to have been produced. They were never well advertised and so are relatively uncommon. Again no official colour schemes were listed resulting in a variety of livery. These include silver-and-brass combinations and striking samurai interpretations. In addition to the halberd, a long sword version of the Nemesis was produced.

Release Date: 1989

Additional Images:

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