Grey Knight Mark 3

So important are the tasks assigned to the Ordo Malleus that no expense is spared for their equipment. All the latest technology is lavished on their Terminator suits and their appearance reflects this. The wrist-mounted Stormbolter is a new design enabling the hand to be free to grasp the long Nemeis force weapons. The bulk behind the shoulders is again reduced with further advances in heat-sink technology, and a side-effect of this is that the head has more scope for movement. The veterans who wear this armour are all psychers who need the utmost protection from enemy mages. Thus a Terminator version of the Grey Knight’s aegis “jousting” helm is employed. The flanged-edged shoulder pads are a design common to Marines in the Inquisition’s service, including the Ordo Xenos’ Death Watch Chapter.

Notes & Sources:
The penultimate addition to the Terminator family, these Marines are the shape of things to come. The stoic poses of previous incarnations are gone, with the use of larger bases allowing more dynamic leg positions. It remains to be seen if any Ordo Xenos or Hereticus Terminators will emerge.

Release Date: 2003

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