Mark 3 Prototype

Here we can finally see an unmistakable Terminator design. The body and shoulder pads are separated and form the distinctive silhouette, the tubing has returned to reinforce the armour plates and the structure of the limb exoskeleton is modernised. Now the culmination of two phases of development, this was a fully functioning Tactical Dreadnought Armour suit with all major problems behind it. Indeed, further phases only tweaked the design. The success of the repositioning of the cooling units was capitalised upon, allowing further chest protection to be added. The load-bearing aspects of the design were so effective that the now standard Terminator weaponry was designated – a Storm Bolter and a massive Power Glove, a combination too bulky for standard Marine armour.

Notes & Sources:
Yet again this version appeared only for a short while. It was the design used whilst the first edition of Space Hulk was in pre-production and is featured in much of the artwork and promo material. In it we see a fully fledged Terminator with respect to the limbs and trunk, and recognisable helmet design. The latter was subsequently dropped from Tactical Dreadnought Armour, but re-introduced for Mark 7 standard Marine power armour.

Additional Images: