Mark 3b

This phase of Terminator armour development was really little more than a refinement of the Mark 3a design. Still common throughout the Legiones Astartes, components from the earlier Mark 3 series are fully compatible with these suits. Advances in plasteel technology allowed certain plates to be sufficiently strong without reinforcing piped edges – noticeably demonstrated by the smoothness of the shoulder pads. The only other visible feature of note is the addition of a small module mounted on the top and side of the uppermost heat duct aperture. Thus is HUD optics, tracking and guidance systems device that has proved so effective it was included as standard on these Terminator suits.

Notes & Sources:
Introduced with the Nordic-themed re-draft Space Wolf chapter, this is now the standard Terminator design. Chapter specific bodies and arms are available for the Space Wolves and Deathwing, and arms for the Imperial Fists/Crimson Fists. In appearance it is generally cleaner and less cluttered than the Mark 3a and with its emergence the design of many of the weapon systems was overhauled in keeping with this aesthetic. Most notably the Heavy Flamer for the Mark 3b range uses more rectilinear elements than its predecessor. Characters have been introduced in this phase, including Terminator Captains, Sergeants, Chaplains and Librarians and heavily detailed Traitor Chaos-Undivided versions have been produced.

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