Gamer’s Grass Tufts Product Review

The guys over at Gamer’s Grass sent me a selection of their self adhesive grass tufts to test out and review. 

As you can imagine I go through a lot of paints and basing materials so I was suprised when I saw the prices of the tufts available on Gamer’s Grass. They have a wide variety of sizes for each colour of tuft. I’ve copied the product description from the site for referene:

One plastic sheet of 15cm x 5cm with Gamer’s Grass tufts. Tufts are 4-6mm tall.

Approximately 44 tufts of a larger size, intended for larger models or scenery.

Standard sized tufts, they come about 70 of them in one sheet.

About 100 smaller tufts per sheet.

Different sizes in one sheet. 12 Large sized tufts, 25 Medium and 36 Small tufts.

Wild “sized” tufts are tufts in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 
The majority of the tufts in these sheets are usually a tad bigger than our Medium sized ones.
All sheets are different from one another to provide you with the best variety of shapes for added realism.

I received a mix of different tuft colours and sizes, they arrived in a small box all neatly stacked with bubble wrap between each sheet of tufts. This is far better than other suppliers who fold the sheets in half resulting in tufts falling off! None of my tufts were loose in the box.

The tufts themselves are great. They’re not sparkly or shiny which you sometimes see (looking at you GW) and they’re all useable – there’s none that are too small or don’t have any adhesive. Some have a nice blend of colours which looks very natural. Each sheet varies in size and amount of tufts.

I’ve put a photo below of a comparison shot between Gamer’s Grass Tufts and a pack of Army Painter Tufts. Yes is looks like the Army Painter has more variety but a lot of those tufts are unusable (and more expensive)- they peel off in chunks and don’t stick very well. You can aslo see where they’ve sort of chopped/cropped the edges so you get some weird tufts with straight edges. There’s also a large crease in the Army Painter tufts where the sheet is folded over. The Gamer’s Grass Tufts are a mix of slightly larger tufts (you can choose what size you want!) and they’re all useable:

Each tuft is self adhesive, meaning that it simply peels off the sheet and stick to your base! Very handy for basing a lot of models at once. Best of all the adhesive isn’t visible at all once it’s stuck down. The adhesive is slightly stretchy and flexible meaning it will stick the rough basing such as texture paint or sand without leaving gaps. The bond is pretty strong so I don’t see these tufts falling off mid-battle!

Overall I can’t find any fault with these tufts, there’s plenty of colours and sizes to choose from depending on your project and the price is great! They adhere great to the models and look natural – plus they’re cheap!

Head over to Gamer’s Grass and order some self adhesive tufts!

  • Scott Bowman

    Good review, thanks… I agree with the frustration with Army Painter and MiniNatur tufts that many are virtually unusable…

  • greggles

    Wow..this is great. Going to pick some of these up. Thanks so much for the review!