Genestealer Zoanthropes, Predator and Stuff.

Not been feeling too good last few days so haven’t really got much done hobby wise…
However I dragged myself to GW last night and played a couple of games with the Sanguinary Guard at 1500pts. First was against a Drop Pod Iron hands army, he came down, I came down, I chopped him up. Casualties were light. Dante made their Librarian go down to 1 wound, who then killed himself with perils of the warp!
Second game was against a Marine HORDE, 1500pts of pure marines.. three tactical squads, devastator squad and an assault squad. The amount of firepower was scary, and that was with my opponent rolling really bad! Casualties were heavy but I managed to take down 2 tactical squads, the assault squad, a combat squad and the captain and hold three objectives! So a hard fought victory.
Taking the 1750 list to my friends garage tonight for practice games for Open War. That’s if I take the Sanguinary guard… undecided. Again.

The Angels of Redemption are what is changing my mind. They’ll be easier and quicker to paint compared to the Sangy Guard. For the extra 250 points, I’ve dropped the Missile Devs, added Chronus in a Predator with lascannons, 2 Land Speeders with Multimeltas and thinking of adding a Drop pod with a locator Beacon for the Librarian to home in on first turn. It’ll come down empty of course.
I purchased the Predator at GW last night and built most of it, made a Chronus count as too using various Marine parts, he can come out of the turret and pin to a pair of legs! I know this model is a lot of points.. and probably not the best model but hell it’s cool…

I also ordered some Gargoyle tails the other day. For the genestealers I wanted some anti tank.. and nothing is better than a Zoanthrope.. or 6. Not wanting to spend money on them I’ve converted up a ZoanStealer.. or Genethrope..or something. Simply chopped up a Stealer and gave him a tail and stubby arms. I’ll sculpt a big brain thing on his head at some point.

  • winterous

    You should probably keep the Autocannon on the Predator, to better take advantage of the BS5, and also give you that little extra boost to your anti-infantry firepower.
    Note that I'm not exactly an authority on how to use Marines (as I'm a Nid player), but my opinion of the TLLC is that it should be taken alone, so you can move and fire, and focus on that.

  • Dezartfox

    Yeah a few people have said that actually!
    But meh, I want a twin las as it looks cooler than the AC!
    Vendetta squadron? FREEEEM, gone 😀

  • winterous

    Hehehe, true enough.

  • nurglephill

    Yet more cool stuff. Promise me that when you grow up you will go work for GW……………………..PROMISE ME!