Green Lighting (OSL) Tutorial

Quick tutorial for you all!

A lot of people comment on the lighting effects on my terminators and how good it looks, they ask how I do it and they seem rather surprised at how simple it is (Insert big head here)
So, here’s a step by step Tutorial

Paint the lense/light with Dark Angels Green (or other suitable dark green colour)

Next, paint that Goblin Green

Paint over that with Scorpion Green, then when that is dry, with thinned Scorpion Green, wipe most of your paint off your brush (like dry brushing but not dry..) and brush away from the source of the light, catching raised edges as you move out, the further away your get the lighter your strokes will be (Normally as you brush away most of your paint will be deposited near the light and you’ll run our of paint as you get to the end of your stroke.)
Then simply add a small dot of white (or gloss varnish, or even both!)

  • nurglephill

    amazing tutorial, so simple yet stunning. brilliant tiiimy 🙂

  • GoblinBob

    Looking good, i'll try that myself at some point!

  • sgtcooter

    Not bad if you're only going for tabletop quality, deff. not a display piece but that's the trade-off for time isn't it?

  • NecronTed

    Damn nice lighting effects, man. The armour of the raider is a touch streaky for my taste but the way you capture the subtle nuances of the lights in just 3 simple steps is amazing. Thanks a lot for the tutorial!