Harlequin Army Showcase

I managed to finish painting my harlequin force over the weekend, I’m pretty happy that I managed to get it all finished in a short space of time!

As mentioned in the previous posts I used a gradient effect using greys over a black undercoat glazed with various citadel glazes to give a colourful yet slightly muted scheme.

I went back and updated some of the previous models, mainly the Solitaire to add a bit of colour.

To distinguish each squad I added the Light, Dark and Twilight symbols to each model and also different coloured gems matching the staff of the Shadow Seer for each squad.

There’s a LOT of photos (42 in total), the full collection is in the Harlequin Gallery.


  • greggles

    Very lovely! Muted, but still has a lot of interest in the surfaces.