Harlequins Army Progress Part 1

I played my first game with the Harlequins last Friday using the list I posted here.  Most of the weapons were blue tac’d together and I had to proxy the 2 extra Seers and Death Jesters as they weren’t released til the day after!

I felt the list did pretty well, it has a good mix of anti tank and plenty of anti-infantry.

I picked up two of each of the Seer and Death Jester ( £16 each.. ouch) and built them up on Saturday afternoon. The kit is very nice (like all the Harlequin kits) and the way they go together is clever. The Death Jester is a litle annoying as on one step you have to stick the back of the hood and his arms on at the same time – they sort of interlock into place which makes it a litle fiddly. For my pair of each I altered the second a little to make them a little more unique. For the seer I carefully sliced the staff from one hand and put it into an outstreched hand I glued onto the gun arm ( i think the spare hand was from the Star Weavers crew) and for the Death Jester I sliced his feet from the ruin and rotated and cut the ruin to make him a different height.

I started painting the rest of the army after the models had dried – getting all the remainding models to the same point airbrush wise so I can casually paint the rest in my spare time. I used the same technique as before applying a black primer and then two greys from above to give shading and highlighting using the diamond tutorial in-between the greys. For the vehicles I applied a few diamonds over the black and then offset them a small amount between the two greys to give overlapping diamonds.

All the vehicles and and jetbikes (armour) was given a glaze of black through the airbrush to tie together the grey gradients and make them darker overall. For the jetbikes and Starweaver I went or a secondary blue glaze to tie them to the rest of the Harlequins whereas the Voidweavers were left black to match the Death Jesters. Finally I airbrushed some green glaze over the diamonds to add some interest and colour to the vehicles and jetbikes – becuase I’m not using contrasting colours for the diamonds they were looking a bit flat.

I managed to pretty much finish the Star Weaver after all the airbrushing work:

Once the army is all painted I’ll probably apply unit transfers (Light, Dark and Twilight). First though I need to clean to million little sticky diamonds that have scattered around my office and flat!

  • greggles

    Wow…the big skimmers look way cooler in your photos then they do on the box! What a cool army this is going to be!

  • Thomas evans

    Looking great 🙂 how did you modify the seers robes? They look different?

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    I used a bit of heat and bent them outwards, wanted him to look different to the other one 🙂 I also swapped the staff between the hands.

  • Michael Goh

    I’m wondering if you glued the bikes onto the stands? Because I am having trouble getting the bikes to fasten well onto the flying stands without falling off during the game. It’d be a shame to glue them on because it would make transportation a bit more difficult.

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    Yeah I glued mine to the stands, makes them a little awkward but not impossible to transport. There’s also the option of using the new oval bases which would make them a bit easier to transport!