Hello world!

Welcome to The Vanus Temple!

I guess first I should write a bit about myself!
I’m Tim Davis, or Dezartfox, or sometimes Timjim, I’m a 19 year old student at the University of Teesside, I’ve just finished my first year studying Computer Games Art.

I’ve been into GW games since I was about 11, by 15 I was playing in tournaments and playing at the Veterans Night at my local store, I entered my first Grand Tournament at the age of 15 (I was underaged yes!), came about 30th in the Heat and the Final, which isn’t bad, I won my first tournament in 2006 at the Open War run by the 1st Company Veterans.

I consider myself an “ok” artist, my work can already be found amongst forums and websites, some work you might be familiar with:

Sadly I haven’t been into the hobby much for the last few years and now 5th edition has arrived, lots of new opportunites and tactics to be discovered!

This site will be dedicated to armies I’m building, tactics, battle reports and otehr juicy hobby related stuff.

First up is the Deathwing!
I entered a challenge on the Painted Dragon, we simply had to build a 1500pt army from scratch, paint it, base it and so on before everyone else. Now I didn’t choose Deathwing because they’re a small force, each terminator easily has twice as much detail as standard marine.

Here’s all the terminators so far:

  • nurglephill

    hello timmy 😛

  • GreyMaster1

    Shame Vassal was shut down…I enjoyed while it lasted. In fact, I used it for a Science project about biology! Vassal was good for that sort of thing (how bacteria (represented by orks), and virus' (Tyranids) enters the body. If I finished it on time, I would have gotten a very good mark.