Herald of Nurgle Complete

A few weeks back I ran a Giveaway competition on Facebook to celebrate 1500 likes on the page (currently at 1700 now!) with the winner picking a model (with value of up to £15) for me to buy and paint for them to my Pro Commission level (so a £45 prize!)

The winner chose one of the plastic Heralds of Nurgle, which is a lovely model. I think all the plastic character models that GW have been releasing have been really great models with loads of character.

For the slime and blood I used UHU Glue mixed with either a little Nurgles Rot Technical Paint or Tamiya X27 Clear Red (though Blood for the Blood God would do) which made the UHU go super stringy. I used a paperclip to string it between the parts of the model and from his tongue to the base.

The sword I washed with the Typhus Corrosion Technical Paint/Shade. This added a nice rough texture to the sword which I then brushed with Forge World Light Rust Weathering Powder.

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