Hey! An Update!

About time I updated this!
Well after the serious introduction in last post I thought I’d lighten up and sound less like a jerk!

Site is still half under maintenance I’m afriad, I moved back home from my University Accommodation over the weekend, plus my internet at home has been playing up, so unpacking mixed with poor internet and a bajillion other things made it hard to get any work done!
I’ve under-coated the entire army today, all that rough filing hasn’t shown up luckily and they all look rather snazzy.
As mentioned I’m also back home now and started looking through my old boxes of models, so many treasures!
I found my old librarian, so I’m going to convert him to have his staff in the other hand and a terminator helmet instead of bear head, he’ll be facing opposite way to the current one.

Here he is so far, going to remove the terrible paintjob before I proceed any further:

I’ll be adding the galleries later today!