The Hobbit Plastic Eagles

I managed to pick up four plastic eagles and a Finecast Gwaihir off a trading group on Facebook last week for very cheap 🙂 Gwaihir was missing a foot but I managed to replace it with another part that looks sort of foot like.
I painted them up in a couple of evenings using Garfy’s tutorial on Tale of Painters, but with a few adjustments ( no way I’m highlighting every feather on five eagles! ).
For the stands I used lollipop sticks. They’re sort of really strong condensed paper material that doesn’t snap or weigh much, perfect for plastic flying models like these and easily cut to length.
These would look great in wood elf armies too, I’ve seen a few people use them over the horrid metal eagle Gw are trying to sell!

  • Scott Bowman

    Great job! I have a set of two, plus a metal Gwaihir I picked up off ebay ages ago, need to get another box of 2 eagles to make the set… They certainly seem a powerful force in the game, looking forward to trying them out in the Hobbit scenario…

  • Dezartfox

    Yeah they’re pretty decent with the fly and the brutal power attacks 🙂