The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game: Finecast Bilbo Baggins

Painted up this (very) little chap from the Riddles in the Dark blister pack I picked up cheap. I mainly wanted the set for Gollum but instantly loved the Bilbo flailing his sword Sting around. I really like the riddles scene in the film and books and the blue glow effect that surrounds bilbo has always made me want to paint one in a similar setting. I chose the Bilbo for a competition on The One Ring forum as my entry and painted him up in a few hours.

I used parts from Garfy’s tutorial on Tale of Painters with a few alterations. I shaded the coat with Coelia Greenshade and kept adding a bit of screaming skull to the wazdakka red for additional highlights. I shaded the trousers with agrax earthshade and again added some skull to the XV-88 to highlight a bit finer.

The base was painted grey and washed with the Coelia Greenshade to give it a mossy damp look and then drybrushed with Terminatus Stone. The OSL glow from the sword was achieved by adding a few glazes of Guilliman Blue with some white highlights added, then finally some blue weathering powder to tie it all together.

image (2)

image (3)

image (1)