The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game: Radagast The Brown

Radagast The Brown

Another of the other halfs models after she recently started her adventure in the land of learning to paint; Radagast the Brown from the Escape from Goblin Town boxset.

She mainly used the digital painting guide on my iPad. Whilst very basic it does at least give you some colour suggestions which are useful to get started. All of the steps are pretty standard pattern of base coat, wash, layer and layer. ┬áSometimes they work, sometimes they look awful… so I added my input where possible which she wrote down as she has a Radagast on Sleigh that I bought her ­čÖé

Radagast the BrownRadagast the Brown 014  016

  • Scott Bowman

    Delightful, and also next on my painting table queue…