How To Make A Gaming Board

Over the weekend I managed to build a board for me and Amy to play The Hobbit SBG on. I thought I’d share the process with you all 🙂

I bought a load of shelves from eBay a few months ago, they were used for card making and storing card for selling I think. I have like 6 of these shelving units, and my mother another 6 (she actually makes cards..)
I had loads of the wooden shelves left that all pull out. So I simply placed two down, covered them in pva glue and some strips of double sided tape and placed three shelves on top of them, and repeated for the other two sections. It created a board about 33″ by 38″, which is a weird size but its all that will fit on my current coffee table until we get a bigger place 😉

To paint it I bought a couple of cans of grey textured spray paint from B&Q for around £6.50 each.


I found an old roller and painted it with Deathworld Forest paint, the roller creating a cool random pattern across the board and then did the same with Straken green

IMG_0267 IMG_0268

I then did the same with PVA glue and covered the board in various shades of static grass:

IMG_0270 IMG_0271

Once the excess was removed (used a load of folded A3 sheets of paper, and whacked the boards over them to loosen all the stray bits, then using the fold poured the grass back into the pots) we had our board! I sat and sprayed it with some PVA through a cheap pump spray bottle thing from Morrissons to seal the grass a bit better.

Final step was to add some felt sticky pads to the bottom of the board which will stop the wood scratching my lovely glass coffee table and also allow the boards to stack on top of each other without rubbing together.

IMG_0272 IMG_0273