Iyanden Eldar Commission

A small Eldar Commission I painted over the weekend. The client wanted an inverted Iyanden look, with the main colour being blue with the yellow as a secondary colour.

I used a few new techniques for these that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. For example the clear canopies I wanted to paint the non-glass bits in the same gradient of blues as the rest of the vehicles, so I used latex liquid masking fluid to mask off the clear parts and then airbrushed over it. To remove it I simply used a stiff brush to gently rub it away. I used the airbrush primarily for most of the colours, something I don’t normally do but with Eldar it’s quite easy to leave the heads and weapons separate and airbrush the fancy gradients and shading onto them to give a clean alien look. I had to hide my sponge away so I didn’t go and do chipping effects and other weathering 😉Eldar (3)Eldar (2)

Eldar (9)Eldar (7)

Eldar (1)

Eldar (10)

Eldar (5)

Eldar (8)

Eldar (6)