Jawaballs Painting Contest Results!

I painted up one of the Space Hulk Terminators for the Jawaballs Painting contest and came out with Second place! Meaning I get a box of terminators as my prize!
Don’t know what type of termies I’ll get yet as first prize gets to choose between assaulty or shooty, either is good for me really!

Here’s my entry:

So, thanks to Jawaballs for his contest, thanks to Miniwargaming for the prizes and well done to all of those that entered!

  • GoblinBob

    There mustn't have been many entrants in this competition then. Good job! 😉

  • http://thepaintingcorps.blogspot.com/ grey_death

    Grats on placing! Didn't even need to read the names to know that was one of yours! ^_-

  • Deagle

    Well done. It was tough competition.
    I do love those glow effects of yours.

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    Actually there was quite a few, and I was surprised mine actually did well as the model isn't finished! I completely forgot about entire areas of the model. 😉

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    Cheers 🙂 Glad to see my style is recognised!

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    Cheers, like I said earlier I didn't expect to do as well as I did, there were some fantastic pieces entered.

    They're really simple, there's a tutorial on this site, if you look to the right you'll see a link!