Kharn The Betrayer Conversion

Some new photos of my Kharn the Betrayer conversion from a few years back. One day I’ll make the World Eaters force to go with him.

kharn-the-betrayer- 001

kharn-the-betrayer- 004

kharn-the-betrayer- 008

  • Capn_Stoogey

    Dude, that is frickin sweet!
    What parts did you use?

  • Dezartfox

    It’s based on this guy:

    With some plastic berserker legs, a plasma pistol, a head and a new axe. If you do a search for Kharn on the site you’ll see all the posts on him 🙂

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  • http://facebook jonathan

    I really want this did you get the pieces to build it?

  • Dezartfox

    He’s made from the fantasy Khorne champion with 40k bits 🙂 there’s loads of posts on the site with unpainted versions if you use the search bar 🙂