Kharn The Betrayer Finished!

Well.. except the base.
Spent this evening painting up my version of Kharn the Betrayer, he has stupidly hard stats, which makes him perfect to lead the charge in my World Eaters army!

He’s a pain to photograph because he’s shy of his pose, so LOTS of images:

  • winterous

    Man, the skin is fudging amazing, and the whole model is just incredible!

  • Shrink

    Um, yes. That would be what I like to call, “AWESOME!” Nice work! If there ever was a model that deserved a little blood splatter, it's Kharn.

  • feldmarshalgoehring

    Excellent work! Well done.

    I love the realism that is present in your style.

  • raptor1313

    I think the work you've done is pretty freakin' sweet. The pose fits Kharn's compulsion to run into close combat and smash things.

    It's things like this, that make me miss the marines. Just the raw joy of converting chaos-y goodness…

  • AoM

    The only thing better than 1 Kharn is 16 Kharns. Oh, what a glorious surprise that was! Very cool model, sir. Very cool indeed.

  • nurglephill

    Wow Tim, again so many things rock on this model, the skin is simply perfect, the blood the subtle blending no the armuor, everything is fab.
    However, i think for the first time ever i there is one thing i dont think worked so well and thats the light effect on the plasma pistol. It looks a bit too…chalky and messy (at least it does in the pictures).
    please understand i dont say this from a place of knowledge, but i have seen you do that much better on other models. anyway, as everyone else has said it is a Superb job and that pose….wicked cool 😉

  • oni

    wow! He is kickass. Nicely done.

  • Elazar The Glorified

    Wow! That's legendary. Awesome pose and an unholy amount of gore. Couldn't really ask for much more from a Kharn mini! Top stuff!

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