Khorne Daemonkin Bloodletters Commission Showcase

I painted up a unit of 10 Bloodletters for a Khorne Daemonkin army (to go alongside the Possessed I painted) at the basic tabletop level I offer on the commissions page. It’s quite challenging at times working at the basic level as I want the unit to still look great but without spending a lot of time on them! This unit took about two hours to build and paint not including drying times.

The scheme was taken from one the images from the Khorne Daemonkin Codex but with glowing green eyes and swords (and of course blood!) at the clients request.


  • Jeff Tibbetts (@linguartisan)

    Oh wow. The blood on the neon pigments makes for a VERY interesting effect. I kind of love that. It highlights the difference between a more traditional OSL vs. the neon ones you do. Very convincing.