Knight Models Batman Miniatures Game Commission Showcase

I’m not a massive comic book fan and it’s usually more Marvel than DC… and then I only know the usual lineup of super heroes and villains! I was asked to paint a selection of miniatures from the Batman miniatures game by Knight Models. They’re 32mm metal models which are nicely detailed and sculpted. I’m not a fan of metal models – they chip, they’re hard to clean up and they’re heavy when handling and painting them.

I’ll do my best to type out the names!

I enjoyed painting these despite them being metal, they remind me of sculpts from Lord of the Rings SBG in the way the cloth is sculpted. 

I was able to use some techniques I don’t commonly get to use which made a nice change to painting Space Marines 😉 



Solomon Grundy:

Ras Al Gul and his three Ninjas:


  • shadowclaimer

    If they weren’t metal I’d get some in a heartbeat, but that’s always been the main turn off for me. I can’t stand painting metal.