Lothlorien Elves Completed! (Tutorial)

Managed to get the bulk of this 500pt Lotr army done this week. I have two banners and the two stormcallers to finish, but as they’re quite different to the rest I decided to paint them last.

The force is led by Rumil, a solid fighter and leader for Elves, and costs no more than an Elf Captain once you give him the same gear.

The army consists of three warbands of 8 Elves, of which a third is bows, a third spears and shields and the last third just shields.

It was all painted using the new citadel paint range, trying out some new methods 🙂

The gold was a wash of Nuln Oil over the brighest silver in my collection, followed by two washes of Cassandora Yellow and finally a light drybrush of Necron Compound.

The Cloaks were Mephiston Red, shaded with thinned Drakenhof Nightshade. layered back up with Mephiston red, Evil Suns Scarlet and a touch of Orange.
The various weapons, cloth and armour were Zandri dust with washes and highlights applied.

Bases were Lustrian Undergrowth texture paint (for the majority!) drybrushed Death World Forest and then Ushabti Bone. They were then washed/glazed in random places with Biel-tan Green and Waywatcher Green before having Scorched grass applied.