LoTR Khandish Warriors Day Two

After my airbrush breaking down yesterday I eagerly awaited my replacement to get going with the Khandish force. Amazon didn’t disappoint and my airbrush arrived around 10am by courier.


I buy cheap airbrushes because I’m always losing bits and dropping them.. plus they do exactly what I need them to do so I don’t see the point in splashing out a few hundred £’s on a fancy branded one when this one costs less than £10. Granted they only last a few months but that’s more due to my lack of patience with cleaning it thoroughly… However I paint every day and use it regularly so they would last any normal hobbyist probably a good year 😉

I primed all the models black and gave them the coats of purples for the cloths.10329057_1042859255740141_8469575943958330910_n

Then it was a case of applying the base colours before the washes and highlighting. Finally I decided to add a pattern to each of the banners, there’s a different pattern depending on rank and warrior type. The archers have the one line and a dot, the warriors a dot and the Chieftains two lines. The Horsemen and Chariots I’ll think of something different to do.