Mantic Games Dreadball Commission

I was asked to paint the models from the Dreadball boxed game as part of a large commission project(more on that on Facebook!).
I’ve always looked into getting some Mantic Games miniatures, they produce some nice looking models and I was very (I mean very) tempted by the Mars Attacks game.. might still pick it up at some point too!
My only disappointment with the Dreadball models were the mold lines. Mantic Games seem to use some sort of hard sprue-less plastic. They’re a young company and to keep costs down I presume they get everything produced overseas which means the quality suffers a little. Nothing is as crisp as it could be and the mold lines are a pain to remove.

Anyway, after all the faff with tidying them up they were quite enjoyable to paint (even if I couldn’t see the goblins features..)

My photobooth is going through some alterations, so iPhone photos on shelf for now 🙂