My Old GUO

(Great Unclean One)
I entered this guy into the National Painting Competition last year, I don’t think I won anything with this guy and it was my random Eldar banshee that won 1st place, I’ll see if I can find pictures of that.
Any who, I left them at the GW in the display case and then went to University, I came back at Christmas and forgot to take them back then. So almost a year later I got him back, man I was crazy back then, I’ll find some more pictures of my old crazy Nurgle army and add them to the Gallery.
So here is Fatty in all his fatness:

Believe it or not there’s a giant torso under that lot, I SHOULD have some older blurry pictures of his construction from a long. He aws made from a giant, with lots of sprue and random bit to make the bulk, air dry clay and then Milliput (another type of Epoxy Putty/greenstuff). The vents on his back are from random glue pot lids and tubing just clipped up and stuck on.