Necron Commission – Ghost Ark and Deathmarks

This week I finished up the Necron commission, it took a little longer than anticipated as I was apartment hunting with Amy (we found an apartment!).

Started with the Deathmarks. I’ve always liked these models and they perform decently in-game too.


Can’t go wrong with Scarabs really, there’s normally five bases in the battle force but was asked to make them into three bases of more scarabs.


The Ghost ark is a huge kit that took two days to build and paint on it’s own! I left a lot of the parts separate so I could easily paint the line highlights on every edge that needed it. I felt like I was losing sense of time painting the same rib and two warriors multiple times… However once it’s put together the Ghost Ark is great looking model and there’s something about flying between units and unleashing gauss arrays that makes me feel like a Pirate.10298970_1058059000886833_4424953236590204405_n1551682_1058189500873783_2787560455872680713_n10420761_1058189540873779_7594118647735743484_n10689812_1058887577470642_1423536015363334315_n10404090_1059089587450441_1495552805164428076_n 1234287_1059023264123740_553326418227126781_n


  • greggles

    Lovely work! Loving that painfully awesome edging. (painful because I know how that felt to do!)

  • Isiah

    Great colour scheme. I like the electric blue rather than the usually seen bright green. Nice bases too.