Necron Commission: Necron Warriors

This week I’ve mainly been working on Necron Warriors! The scheme is a previously painted scheme (I don’t know who by sorry) that I’ve been asked to replicate for a Necron Battle Force. Line Highlights aren’t usually my thing but the colours look pretty cool! The only thing I’d change if it was my army would be the metal highlights, I’d of used a sponge chipping or drybrush technique for that 🙂

The scheme I’m replicating:

I find that carefully posing the Necron Warriors helps them look more menacing, I went for a more crouched over look.10345536_1048880765137990_4088691608971910559_n



10632807_1049104365115630_4269525967234610093_n  10350426_1052832578076142_5022218633603082971_n

The finished twenty Necron Warriors!1499510_1053554268003973_6231977117984557155_n

  • greggles

    These guys look great! Love the scheme!