Necron Dice, Give Away Reminder!

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I like dice, I think we all do deep down.
Being a firm believer in the Dice Gods, I can’t bring myself to only have one set of dice, I need a set for each army! I once used my Deathwing Space Hulk Dice for my Genestealers.. boy did that go wrong, I think I made one save all game!
So, with the Necrons being an unforgiving army (playing wise, my Necrons love me really), I had to get them some special dice… and here they are:

I’d link you to the shop I got them, but the site has disappeared.. next time I come across it I will put a link up!
I need some cool dice for my Ravenwing next, can anybody suggest some?

  • Warhammer 39,999

    You know, I've seen dice like these before. Didn't GW make them?

    If you're looking for custom dice, there are several companies that make them. Chessex is a huge producer of dice and will do custom orders, but depending upon how many you need, it could be cost-prohibitive. I remember seeing someone on ebay selling some fairly cool looking dice for armies as well.

    If you're not looking for companies, and instead looking for ideas, the easiest solutions are often the best. Try replacing the one (or the six) with a winged sword icon. With yellow or white pips on dark green/black dice (almost the look of the necron dice you have already), that would look pretty sharp.

    P.S. As for the link to your give-away, I'm sure you're talking about the Crux, right? If that's the case, you may want to actually link to it, rather than just say “Check further down the page…” I clicked on the link to your actual post (and not your blog), so I can't simply scroll down to see the giveaway. Minor issue, but still…

  • Dezartfox

    Yeah I've looked at chessex, will look into it.. would like some with the RW symbol on.. or something similar!
    I'll add that link now, was feeling lazy at the time 😉

  • nurglephill

    Cool dice :)

  • Benjamin Savarese

    Acutally the Army Dice guy is back

    Told Everyone earlier today over at

    his site is

  • Dezartfox

    Awesome! Cheers 😀