Necron Night/Doom Scythes

What’s better than one Necron flyer?


Been using three of them in games since they came out, really enjoyed using them! I participated in a Doubles event today at the store and came 1st, so I decided to get another 2!

  • Kraggi

    Very jealous lol.

    How easy is it to magnetize them to be both roles?

  • Dezartfox

    They don’t need magnetising! It’s attached via a big plug system on both of the options.
    As long as you don’t glue the cables to the hull you can swap between the two easily 🙂

  • martianboy

    I had 6 preordered, just played an apoc game today and they took out 5 dark eldar fighters and did a number to a reaver titan

  • Mercer

    Holy crap! Nice flyer armada, mate 🙂

  • Dezartfox