NECRONS: 1500pt Army List – A Different Approach

I’ve been writing a lot of army lists lately for my Necrons, trying to find some synergy between certain units and maximise the use of my collection! Also I find using the same army list a bit boring!

Destroyer Lord
Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs, Resurrection Orb, Warscythe

Triarch Stalker

8 Immortals

8 Immortals
Tesla Cannons

8 Immortals
Tesla Cannons

5 Tomb Blades
Particle Beamers, Nebuloscopes, Shadowlooms

4 Destroyers

3 Heavy Destroyers

Annihilation Barge

Annihilation Barge


The Destroyer Lord joins the Tomb Blades, generally sitting at the front absorbing wounds, anything his 2+ can’t take I can Look Out Sir onto a Tomb blade, who get a 4+ cover save thanks to the Shadowlooms. I gave them Neuloscopes as I had leftover points, and its makes them more accurate. Thanks to the Preferred Enemy rule on the Lord the Tomb Blades also re-roll 1’s to wound, which with particle beamers being S6, makes them very very nasty!

The Triarch and Heavy Destroyers form the main bulk of the anti tank, the idea being that the triarch shoots first, and if it doesn’t kill the target the Heavy destroyers are now Twin linked (Though not essential with preferred enemy). The Gauss Immortals are the backup unit for this, again benefiting from the Triarch’s shooting, so they’ll probably stick near him.

The Tesla Immortals and Annihilation Barges fulfil the anti infantry part of the list, they’ll work together to shoot down units and sit on objectives. The Destroyers are the heavy hitters, they’ll float around taking out anything that moves towards my line or objectives. The 4 of them should be pretty good at taking down the majority of a tactical squad!

The units can also change rolls pretty easily, the annihilation barges can swap over the anti air with their twin tesla destructors whilst the destroyers and Tomb Blades can even shoot up tanks quite happily. The Destroyer Lord is pretty hard himself, and should be able to take on the majority of characters or monsters that approach using his high toughness and Mindshackle scarabs as protection.

I would have liked to include a cryptek with a Solar Pulse in this list, but that means taking an Overlord or Character to unlock the Royal Court. The solar pulse would be very handy to shroud my army turn one or negate nightfight turn one.

If I was to increase the size of the list to 1750 I would maybe include either a pair of Night Scythes for the Tesla Immortals, or even a C’Tan shard (with entropic strike and Gaze of Death) to provide target saturation, the idea would be he would advance midfield to halt any advancing units, and my opponent would need to decide between shooting him or the other threats in my force!

The list is very manoeuvrable, with only the Immortals and Barges being slow.

  • Phase_Assassin

    I like this list a lot. For higher points games I recommend adding another Triarch stalker since they can be shut down fairly easily. Even with quantum shielding, having one weapon is kind of a liability.

    Other than that, solid list.

  • Dezartfox

    That’s probably a better idea! A second Triarch would definitely do more than a C’tan!

  • Ex_Phase

    Yes, I forget to mention the C’tan. They aren’t very good anymore unfortunately. While they are CC monsters (stuff just suffers critical existence failure at their hands), they are too slow. You have a very mobile list, so the C’tan will be left behind. For its points cost, he isn’t worth it as a backfield guard.