NECRONS: 500pt Battle Report

Played a game with the 500pt list I posted yesterday today, was against the local Grey knight player (who’s currently running a triple LR list at 1500…)
His list was a cheap Inquisitor with psykotroke grenades, and then 2 squads of 8 grey knights (justicar with hammer, 6 halberds and a psycannon, all with psy-bolts).

Mission was annihilation, with spearhead (quarters). He went first and set up half in cover as far forward as possible.
I set up in my corner. In the corner. He was rather confused at this, but I knew that I couldn’t win a firefight against the GK’s, not for 5 turns anyway, so I let him walk forward so he was about 30″ away, then I advanced and obliterated one squad with some good rolling.
He shot back and hurt some Immortals, that fled out of his range, but then rallied. The rest of my army decided that a “tactical retreat” was in order and I moved them all back and ran them too. The game failed to end on turn 5 so I had to fight out all the way to turn 7, just hanging in there with the odd model from the units. Winning the game 1-0!

The wraiths did diddly squit. But I didn’t really expect them to against GK! The Destroyers worked well, the ap3 working exactly as planned, however their firepower was greatly diminished with the odd casualty.

I’ll do a few more lists and theory work before the campaign starts next week. After the first two weeks the campaign expands to 1k, with some force allowance changes depending what area we’re fighting in (I’ve opted to change mine to 1-2hq, 2-4 troops, and 0-1 of each Fast, Heavy and Elite)