NECRONS: Characters and Tactics

I’ve recently gone back to playing more 40k games this week. I’ve been wanting to test out all the different options in the new Necron book and see how units work together and see what synergy there is!

This week I’ve been playing about with changing the local Meta Game 😉 The current trend at the store is to use two landraiders, zoom forwards and jump out. I’ve already been there and done that with the Deathwing! I can count 5 players off the top of my head who use this ‘amazing’ tactic.

To top it all off, I’ve been using a lot of tesla weapons with my Necrons.. literally only have a couple of gauss weapons depending what list I use, I have very little that can deal with Av14, even scarabs struggle.

I successfully won three games this week with my Necrons using different lists, trying to mix it up a little 😉

So, my ultimate plan to change the meta game? Movement denial.
I’ve seen similar things happen in Fantasy with certain spells (fumilating flame cage is a good example). The player doesn’t want his units to get damaged, so they sit tight for a turn.

Ok, so I hear you saying how does that translate to 40k? Simple! Here is the list I was working with:

1500 Pts – Necrons Roster

1500 Pts – Necrons Roster

HQ: Anrakyr the Traveller (2#, 245 pts)
      1 Catacomb Command Barge

HQ: Orikan the Diviner (1#, 165 pts)

Elite: C’Tan Shard (1#, 250 pts)
   1 C’Tan Shard, 250 pts (Sentient Singularity; Writhing Worldscape)

Troops: Pyrrhian Eternal (10#, 170 pts)
   10 Pyrrhian Eternal, 170 pts (Tesla Carbine)

Troops: Immortals (10#, 170 pts)
   10 Immortals, 170 pts (Gauss Blaster)

Troops: Warriors (9#, 219 pts)
   8 Warriors, 219 pts
      1 Ghost Ark

Heavy Support: Annihilation Barge (1#, 90 pts)
   1 Annihilation Barge, 90 pts

Heavy Support: Annihilation Barge (1#, 90 pts)
   1 Annihilation Barge, 90 pts

: Royal Court (4#, 100 pts)
   1 Royal Court, 100 pts
      1 Harbinger of Transmogrification (Harbinger of Transmogrification; Tremorstave; Seismic Crucible)
      1 Harbinger of Transmogrification (Harbinger of Transmogrification; Tremorstave)
      1 Harbinger of Transmogrification (Harbinger of Transmogrification; Tremorstave)

Total Roster Cost: 1499

The idea behind the list is to destroy models through at much Dangerous Terrain checks as possible, Immobilise vehicles etc. Failing that the enemy is forced to sit still and not advance on objectives.
It starts with the almighty C’tan with Writhing Worldscape and Sentient Singularity, all difficult terrain becomes dangerous, and dangerous fails checks on a 1 or a 2, plus ALL terrain (even open ground!) within 6″ of the C’tan becomes dangerous for vehicles (which will fail on a 1 or 2 because of previous power). He is key to this list and will spend most of the game hiding. (I’m slightly tempted to swap the second power for the one which gives him stealth.)

Then we have Orikan. A weird character because his stats randomly change.. but his main purpose is for the effect he has on turn one. All unit count as moving through difficult terrain, and if they’re actually in terrain they roll one less D6. Brilliant in Dawn of War! So things now move slower and take dangerous terrain checks. That’s a THIRD of the enemies vehicles immobilising themselves turn one. His other abilities I’m not too fussed about, he can be like a mini C’tan, sometimes.

Next up is the Royal Court! Three Harbringer’s of Transmogrification. Their main weapon is the tremorstave staff, a 36″ strength 4 small blast with the ‘quake’ rule. Yup you guessed it! Any unit HIT (not wounded!) treat open ground as difficult in their next movement phase (not shooting or assault mind, which is the downside). So even more Dangerous Terrain checks! One joins each unit.

The top it off, I add in Anakyr the Traveller on a command barge, just to zoom around those non moving elements of the opponents army and slice them up with his scythe. Oh and to take over the vehicles and make them fire on my opponents units.

Think this list will deal with the Duo LR combo? Or at least annoy them? 😉

And lastly, I’ve converted up the two special characters featured in the list:


  • Razcalking

    It’s an interesting idea, and should work very well against assault or mid-field control armies. Not sure about the shooting armies, but still interesting.

    My concern? It’s a tactic that could very well lead to others hating their games against you. Not because they lost, but because they didn’t actually get to PLAY the game. They sit there doing nothing while you roll all the dice and have all the fun. I’ve seen it happen in various other (mostly card) games. People don’t mind losing, but they absolutely hate not even being able to play.

  • Dezartfox

    Yeah it’s not something I plan to use all the time, as it can be very harsh on some armies!
    Just to teach the duo LR players a lesson! 😉

  • Lantz

    This is a very powerful choice, I can say from experience. I did a batrep about a similar list before the FAQ and played it like nothing worked together:

    Now that they do work together…yeah, your friends might hate playing you.

    Also note that with the FAQ update Anrakyr can’t use Mind of the Machine when embarked on a CCB. It’s very sad…

  • Lycaeus

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but why is it a third of enemy vehicles immobilising on turn one? Surely they fail their dangerous terrain on a one, which is a sixth? 

  • Dezartfox

    With the C’tan power, if a model already takes dangerous terrain checks, they fail on a 1 or 2, so vehicles and jump infantry for example.

  • Lycaeus

    Oh of course. Thank you for clarifying. 

  • Dannyodon

    Can’t happen, the codex states you can select harbingers of the same type, but you cannot give them the bonus weapons/powers in the same court

  • Dezartfox

    The tremorstave isn’t a bonus weapon, just the upgraded staff.