NECRONS: Converted Forge World Pylon

If you follow my Facebook Page then you’ll have seen my post about me maybe buying myself a Pylon.. It was one of those late night purchases that seem good at the time. Next day I doubted the idea as I’ll rarely use it.. and then I forgot until it arrived today! Now I am happy!

I did own one of these years ago when it came out, back when I was like 15. Not having the skills or tools to construct it properly it always fell apart and eventually I sold it. Plus my Necron army at the time was like 2 warrior squads and a Lord and that was it.

Now that I am older, wiser, fatter and better equipped I was able to quickly assemble the lumps of resin this evening in a couple of hours.

I’ve never liked the crytals or green rods, and this proved a problem for this model as it had a big crystal stuck in the middle. My original intention was to paint it BUT then I saw the Doomsday Cannon parts on my desk… They fitted almost perfectly and it seemed rude not to use it!

Necron Pylon

This thing is massive, no idea how I’m going to transport it around. I think when I was young I (unsuccessfully) pinned all the vanes on the side. I have drilled a hole in the bottom and in the turrety bit so I can put a support rod in at some point. Oh and don’t worry it’s not fully glued together yet, it comes apart so I can paint it, varnish and reassemble the moving parts!