NECRONS: Converted Necron Warriors

I never really liked Necron Warriors.. the models aren’t exactly inspiring and they’re all stood in weird squatting poses.

But as my army only has 16 of them I thought it was about time I added some more! I managed to get 20 new on Sprue for £20 off eBay, which will take me to a total of 36, plus another potential 7-8 bases of Canoptek Scarabs.

Like my previous squads of Warriors I’ve chopped up the legs and made them all walking, using a tutorial I have had bookmarked for years. Previously I replaced the rod with wire, but as I had gone off this idea (and I’ve ran out of that wire, and can’t be bothered cutting it etc) I’ve started to use the spare Immortal barrels on the Warriors flayers, following this tutorial.

These Warriors will eventually replace the previous squads who will either be retired, or their guns re-worked to match.

Just 18 more to go… SIGH

OH and converting them this way also makes them taller than Space Marines! Which is scary when you think of how tall a Marine is…
Necron Warriors Converting Tutorial

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  • Jackson King

    Hey bro, the forum with how to do their legs has gone down so do you think you could just tell me where to cut them?? 🙂

  • Dezartfox

    I’ll see to getting a tutorial up shortly dude!

  • Jackson King

    Oh thankyou so much! 😀 You don’t need to say too much, I just need to know where it is on the knee you cut, but how will I be able to find it?

  • Dezartfox

    I’ll post it on the site . if you follow the site on Facebook (links at top) you’ll get updated 🙂

  • Jackson King

    Grazie I’d really appreciate it ^__^