Finished off my Glowy Necrons tonight. All in time for Gauntlet at the weekend!

Will take some close up pictures sometime this week.

I took some of the back of the models so you can see the shadow effect I made.
Click for bigger images!

  • The_Darklighter

    I like the objective markers that fluorescent paint shows up like magic on these photgraphs.

  • b_G

    Those are looking extremely awesome, great work, and in such a short space of time too.

  • Rattlear25

    looks great

  • Asmodai650

    Do you have a tutorial on how you painted these guys? The lighting effect has to be the best that I have seen.

  • fuzzbuket


    that OSL is possibly the best i have ever seen and everything else is too awsome ^__^


  • Jeff

    Hey, Chris you found another site I frequent! Plus, them Necrons be looking Badass!

  • mart007

    NIce work Tim, cant wait to play these!!

  • Jjtopping

    Those are awesome, a tutorial for the fluorescent green would be awesome since it's so cool looking